Check out my new bootleg of Rihanna’s Pour It Up!

3rd April, 2013 by jayCategory: Blog

Rihanna‘s current strip club jam “Pour It Up” just got Housed up! “Pour It Up” is such a catchy song, I just had to add some four to the floor to it – ’cause that’s just how I roll!

I mashed up Rihanna with one of the biggest, classic House records ever made – “Push The Feeling On” by Nightcrawlers.

When I decided to do this mix, I wanted to make sure I kept its overall dark vibe while still giving it energy so it can be danced to. Nightcrawlers, in my opinion, fits the bill well with the type of feel I was going for. It’s infectious organ under Rihanna’s sexy vocals still keeps that dark vibe and they work together in perfect harmony.

I played this mix last Saturday on my 8PM Saturday Night Dance Factory mix show and my Twitter instantly blew up! Some were even asking what the name of the song I mashed it up with was – which is great because I’m introducing classic House records to a younger audience.

A little bit of history never hurt nobody!

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